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In The Courtroom - Appeals

Washington State’s appellate courts have strict time limits on filing post-trial motions and appeals. Failure to meet these deadlines can hurt a criminal defendant. Our office has experienced appellate lawyers who are familiar with the intricate rules of appeals. If you wish to appeal a recent conviction, you should contact a criminal appeal attorney immediately.  The following are examples of appellate victories by SMH attorneys: 
In July of 2016, David Iannotti represented T.H. in Superior Court in his appeal of a conviction from Municipal Court for Disorderly Conduct. David successfully argued that the City Ordinance was unconstitutional and had the conviction overturned.

In February of 2016, David Iannotti successfully argued an appeal to the Washington Supreme Court. The Supreme Court issued a decision in City of Lakewood v. Willis on July 21, 2016. The Court held that two sections of a Lakewood ordinance that prohibited begging in certain locations violated the First Amendment. This decision sets a precedent that should be helpful to defenders in other municipalities with ordinances that limit panhandling. David worked closely with the ACLU, the Washington Defenders Association and the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness.

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