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The attorneys at Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S., became criminal defense lawyers because we care about helping clients who are facing life changing events. It is our goal to provide each client, and their loved ones, with the very best in legal representation. Our firm focuses on criminal defense in Superior, District and Municipal courts throughout Western Washington. We believe that our experience and knowledge of criminal law, as well as our passion and integrity, distinguishes us from the typical criminal defense lawyer. Each member of our office takes pride in our reputation as thoughtful, skilled, and aggressive courtroom advocates.
Aggressive, Intelligent, Respected Criminal Defense throughout King and Pierce Counties
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Experience / Recognition
  • The 15 criminal defense lawyers at Stewart MacNichols Harmell bring an unparalleled blend of criminal defense experience - with over 150 years of combined criminal law experience.
  • Each has extensive experience and training as a prosecutor and/or public defender.
  • 15 criminal defense lawyers, each with unique talents, working together to provide each client with better, more complete representation.
  • Recognized within the legal community for excellence in our legal services.
  • Our  criminal defense lawyers include recognized leaders in DUI defense, lawyers with multiple DUI victories on cases with no BAC, BAC refusals, and BACs over three times the legal limit.
  • Our aggressive DUI motions practice has resulted in the dismissal of cases, and suppression of evidence.
  • Our aggressive DUI practice has resulted in the legislature being forced to make changes to the law.
  • We have some of the top  criminal defense lawyers who practice domestic violence defense, including lawyers with multiple victories on assault, malicious mischief, harassment and no contact order cases.
  • Our aggressive domestic violence motions practice has resulted in hundreds of dismissed cases, and resulted in changes in Washington State law.
Aggressive, Intelligent, Respected Criminal Defense throughout King and Pierce Counties
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South King & Pierce County (253) 859-8840 | Eastside (425) 454-9959 | Seattle (206) 901-9984

  • Our most experienced criminal defense lawyers, each with a minimum of ten years of criminal defense experience, are committed to aggressively defending people accused of serious felonies, including murder, rape, child molestation, felony assault and other three strikes crimes.
  • Our criminal defense lawyers have represented literally tens of thousands of people charged with every criminal law violation recognized by both Washington state law and local codes and ordinances,  including, but not limited to:
    • Assault, Malicious Mischief and Harassment
    • Robbery, Burglary and Theft
    • Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault
    • Prostitution and Patronizing a Prostitute
    • Voyeurism and Communicating With a Minor for Immoral Purposes
    • Reckless Driving, Hit and Run and Other Driving Offenses

Appellate Practice
  • Our appellate criminal defense lawyers regularly do battle in the state's appellate courts, including RALJ appeals, and appeals to the Washington State Court Of Appeals and Washington State Supreme Court.
  • This appellate work includes a pending challenge to the Washington State per se marijuana DUI statute, as well as challenges to the constitutionality of Washington state laws as well as city codes and ordinances.
  • In 2016 Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S., lead appellate criminal defense attorney, David Iannotti, successfully challenged the constitutionality of a number of laws, including city ordinances on disorderly conduct, and a successful argument before the Washington State Supreme Court on Panhandling where David argued that the law violated our client's First Amendment rights.

      David Iannotti argues before Supreme Court
Practice Areas

DUI/DWI Defense Domestic Violence Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Drug Charges
Attorney Training 
  • To stay on the edge of criminal defense law and techniques, are committed to ensuring that our criminal defense lawyers receive the best, most up to date training.
  • Each of our criminal defense attorneys attends at least twice as many hours of yearly criminal defense training as that required by the Washington State Supreme Court's Standards for Indigent Defense.
Teaching and Speaking Engagements
  • Our firm sponsors monthly continuing Legal Education (CLE) training for our lawyers, and other attorneys in the community, taught by both our senior criminal defense lawyers and experts from around the state, including training on:
    • Trial Tactics
    • Negotiation 
    • DUI Issues
    • Domestic Violence Issues 
    • Criminal Procedure
    • Developments in the Law
    • Traffic and Department of Licensing Issues
    • Immigration and Criminal Law
    • Emerging Issues in Search and Seizure Law
    • The Heroin Epidemic and the Judicial System
    • Prosecutorial Misconduct and Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
  • Our criminal defense attorneys have taught at continuing legal education seminars (CLEs) sponsored by the Washington State Bar Association, law and justice classes at a local university, criminal law related classes at local high schools, and police training sessions.
  • Our criminal defense lawyers have also been chosen as guest and keynote speakers at conventions and training sessions sponsored by agencies and organizations involved in criminal justice, including The Washington Traffic Safety Commission and The Washington Association of Alcoholism & Addiction Programs Annual Conference.
High Profile Cases and Confidentiality
  • Our criminal defense lawyers have experience handling high profile cases, with appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, KOMO, KING, KIRO and KCPQ.
  • In addition to handling "high-profile" cases, our criminal defense attorneys pride ourselves in the discreet legal assistance we can provide to all Washington citizens experiencing criminal difficulties.

Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart

With over 28 years of experience providing winning legal representation to people throughout the state of Washington, Scott Stewart has cultivated a unique career in law and is widely recognized for his achievements in the legal community. Scott has appeared as a guest attorney on national news channels including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and FOX, as well as local channels KOMO, KING, KIRO and KCPQ.  He teaches Law and Justice at a local state university, Street Law at a local high school, and numerous trial tactics and criminal law related Continuing Legal Education seminars to other attorneys practicing in the community.  Scott has represented clients charged with most of the crimes recognized under Washington law including driving under the influence, with victories on cases with BACs above .25, domestic violence, sex crimes, robbery and theft, drug  and traffic crimes.
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Jeff MacNichols

Jeff MacNichols

For more than 21 years Jeff MacNichols has dedicated his time and efforts to helping individuals facing criminal charges and is a vetted legal attorney. Jeff is a former elected City Councilmen.  He has served on numerous committees related to Law and Justice, including . . .  Jeff is also a popular speaker at Continuing Legal Education Seminars, teaching other attorneys tactics for effectively representing people charged with Driving Under the Influence. Jeff is known for his tough litigation skills and deep knowledge of criminal law and has been recognized as one of Washington's top DUI lawyers.
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Ken Harmell

Ken Harmell

Ken Harmell offers more than 19 years of legal experience, with a practice that emphasizes defending those who have been charged with domestic violence, sexual offense and other serious crimes. Ken is known for developing complex legal arguments and is an invaluable addition to our law firm. He also assists other defense attorneys in building their cases. 
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Ken Harmell

Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer Stewart has been a criminal defense lawyer for over ten years.  During that time she has developed a reputation as a shrewd litigator, both for her ingenuity in developing unique legal arguments, and for her willingness to take on difficult cases. She limits her practice exclusively to criminal defense, and takes a special interest in clients with mental health issues.
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Ken Harmell

David Iannotti

During his eleven years aggressively representing persons in Washington courts, David Iannotti has developed a strong reputation for his willingness to try difficult cases to a jury and argue pertinent legal issues on RALJ Appeals, at the Court of Appeals and the Washington Supreme Court.
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Ken Harmell

Sean Parrent

Sean Parrent has been working as an attorney in the criminal justice system for over twenty-one years.  For seventeen of those years he worked as a prosecutor, prosecuting criminal cases and traffic infractions. For sixteen of those years he was a municipal court prosecutor in Pierce and King counties.  He took numerous cases to jury trial during those years, honing his litigation skills in a wide variety of criminal cases, including DUI, assault, and allegations of domestic violence.  At Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S., Sean's practice emphasizes misdemeanor defense and traffic infraction cases.
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Ken Harmell

Chris Sims

Chris Sims is recognized leader, and an excellent criminal defense lawyer who represents defendants in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. He is a compassionate and aggressive advocate for each clients, and enjoys guiding them throughout the legal process. Chris is upfront and honest. While he evaluates every case with an eye toward trial, he provides his clients with what is a realistic expectations for potential outcomes of their individual cases.  
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Experience and Reputation Matter

Familiar with idiom "all bark and no bite?" In criminal law, the skills associated with taking a case to trial, and the willingness to take a case to trial, are the strongest negotiating tools that a criminal defense attorney has. Prosecutors know those criminal defense attorneys who pose a real threat in the courtroom, and those who are all talk. Attorneys who regularly try cases are in the superior negotiating position, and even better if they have a reputation for winning. Of course, not every case goes to trial. In fact, the vast majority don't. Furthermore, the decision to take a case to trial is always one that will ultimately be made by you, the client. However, both you and, more importantly, the prosecution should know that your criminal defense lawyer is able to take you there should it be necessary to do so.

High Profile Cases

Our criminal defense lawyers have represented people on cases that were in the media at both the national and local level. We have been quoted in hundreds of newspapers, and appeared on television shows from King 5 News to Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper.

Free Consultation

If you have been arrested on a criminal charge you need a lawyer who answers your questions, makes you feel comfortable, and fights for you. At Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S., the first phone call and first meeting are free. If you have been arrested for crime, make sure you have a criminal defense attorney by your side defending your rights and preparing your defense. Call Stewart MacNichols Harmell, Inc., P.S., and talk to a lawyer now.

Judges, Cops, Attorneys, Prosecutors

Most clients arrive at our firm having been referred to us by people who are familiar with the quality of our representation, these include referrals from the judges who we have appeared before, prosecutors and fellow attorneys who we have either opposed in the courtroom, or who are simply familiar with our reputation, police officers who we have cross-examined and, most importantly, our present and former clients.
Aggressive, Intelligent, Respected Criminal Defense throughout King and Pierce Counties
For a Free Consultation, Call or Email Us Today
South King & Pierce County (253) 859-8840 | Eastside (425) 454-9959 | Seattle (206) 901-9984
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For a Free Consultation, Call or Email Us Today
South King & Pierce County (253) 859-8840 | Eastside (425) 454-9959 | Seattle (206) 901-9984
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